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Look at the cheeky little monster, trying to eat the corners of my planner.

Look at the cheeky little monster, trying to eat the corners of my planner.



Exam crunch time.  Good luck me.

Good luck!



Exam crunch time.
Good luck me.

Good luck!

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Anonymous asked: Are there any pictures of you on here? If not, can you post one? I always see your posts and it drives me crazy not being able to put a face to them!

I’m the one from the icon on the left of the blog!!!! 

If you’re so eager, I posted this one a while ago in answer to a really weird ask (I still don’t know what that meant??) and here goes another one 


and another one but without my hear pulled up and as it is in its natural state of disarray 



Anonymous asked: This is for the anon who was asking about universities in Europe! In Italy, tuition fees go from 470€ to 1700€ but a lot depends on the university and on your family's income. Then you have to buy books that are expensive usually! Hope I was helpful! :)

There you have it anon! 

Thanks for doing this blog so much better guys!!! You’re all lovely and deserve as many blankets and cupcakes and fluffy pets as you want! 

travelling-high asked: I'm so happy I found your blog!! You're seriously my inspiration:)


Anonymous asked: Hello. I'm a first year medical student and I'm feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do. Any tips for keeping my head above the water? Thanks

Don’t try to do everything you have to do in the same afternoon. You need to breathe and do things properly, so it’s better to go one step at a time until you find your perfect balance. 

It takes a bit of adjusting, going into med school, because it’s just so much information, but then remember that you don’t need to study every single comma that is in your notes, you need to take a look at the biggest picture, understand the most basic concepts of the things your learning, and then constructing the details will be much easier, because you’ll never loose the main things from focus! 

Also, try to be as organized as possible. Use a planner, because this will help you to stay aware of your duties and then it’ll be easier getting down to business to defeat the huns

Give time to yourself, work a little every day until you feel ready to tackle heavier tasks alongside your daily study, and just work to get to that perfect pace that will allow you to get things done in time, but don’t feel overwhelmed!!!! I know it’s easier said than done, but I’m talking from experience!!!! 

You can go to my “studying guides and tips" for more tips, but this is the most important thing you can do!! 

Anonymous asked: Hola!! Quería preguntarte si tienes algún tipo de código de colores para tus apuntes. Me refiero a si, por ejemplo, usas rojo para títulos, verde para definiciones, azul para ejemplos, etc. Acabo de comenzar la universidad y estoy estudiando Política, Filosofía y Economía y, a pesar de que -creo- tomo muy buenos apuntes, siento que me falta algún tipo de distinción ya que después cuando llego a casa tengo todo escrito igual, y a veces me confundo. No sé si me he explicado bien pero gracias igual

Hola!! Generalmente solo uso boli azul para todos mis apuntes, negro para los títulos de cada nuevo tema o apartado y si el profesor remarca algo como muy importante, entonces lo señalo en rojo, pero la verdad es que trato de no usa más de dos colores cuando estoy tomando apuntes en clase. 

Sin embargo, para cuando subrayes en casa si que sería bueno que usaras, por ejemplo, verde para subrayar los títulos, azul para las cosas generales, y quizá rosa o amarillo para los términos más importantes, otro color para fechas… 

Si quieres, puedes mirar en mi apartado “how I organize my notes”, ahi hay más posts sobre la organización de mis apuntes!!!! 

Al final, lo más importante es que tus apuntes sean ordenados, lo más limpios posibles y útiles para ti, así que si sientes que parece todo igual, quizá subrayar sea la mejor opción! 

Anonymous asked: Do you live at home while in university?

Yes I do!! I almost, almost didn’t because If I hadn’t ended up entering the university of my city, I’d had to go to another city to study, but since I live in the place I was born and uni is just a 20 min. travel in metro and 30-40 min travel by bus, I stayed at home. There’s no need for extra expenses, is there??